Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul

Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul is an Adventure, Exploration, and Single-player Simulation developed by Uken Games for Android and iOS

Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul Software Description

Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul is an Adventure, Exploration, and Single-player Simulation developed by Uken Games for Android and iOS. The game offers the brand-new type of gameplay, revolving around a flickering light that is invading your vision.

In the game, your ultimate goal is to create an unstoppable machine and navigate a world while embarking on an idle-inspired adventure. When playing the game, you find ever-evolving puzzles to complete, and you must go from a single press and hold to managing over 20 functions.

The ultimate goal is to build a machine your way following multiple routes and participate in weekly challenges to test the strength of the machine. There are different playable levels available, and each one requires the completion of objectives to release rewards for you. The game increases the difficulty level as you reach high stages, and will unlock additional content to navigate.

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Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul
Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul
Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul
Armory and Machine 2: Idle Soul

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