Datrium delivers an end-to-end cloud-driven user experience in VMware Cloud on AWS

Datrium Software Description

Datrium delivers an end-to-end cloud-driven user experience in VMware Cloud on AWS. It offers the industry’s most reliable enterprise storage solution, protecting data with the proven reliability of native SSDs for optimal performance. The platform is designed specifically for VMware Cloud on AWS, delivering database solutions with low latency and high performance that are seamlessly integrated into applications across all environments.

Datrium is a VMware Cloud on AWS certified partner and works closely with the VMware, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Training Partner Network. It provides a comprehensive suite of solutions. The Datrium Enterprise Software Suite includes Managed Storage, an SSD-based data storage offering, which provides real-time file-level snapshots and cloning to replicate data in the event of a catastrophic event and offers high availability through disaster recovery.

It also offers data protection for non-transactional files to provide near real-time protection against ransomware attacks via encryption and deduplication. The Managed Storage includes data protection for non-transactional data via encryption and deduplication. Moreover, you also get Data Protection Policy Management, which provides data protection policies for files, virtual machines, database backups, and database clusters.

The Datrium Storage Gateway is a software-only storage appliance that enables organizations to optimize the performance of local workloads at the edge of the corporate network. The gateway can store up to 100 petabytes on solid-state storage, providing ultra-low latency access with high throughput to frequently accessed files and replicating them offsite or into the cloud. All in all, Datrium is a great platform that you can consider among its alternatives.

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