Evergrace is an RPG, Action, and Single-player video game that is brought to you by From Software

Evergrace Software Description

Evergrace is an RPG, Action, and Single-player video game that is brought to you by From Software. Enter a world, cast different intense magic, and become a part of thunderous battles against numerous characters. Ensure his survival by collecting several powerful artifacts and even fashioning them to his armor and weaponry.

The game introduces two adventures, such as Darius and Sharline, and the player must take one of them to face an evil reborn. Begin his journey, remain engaged in discovering various unique characters, take down massive waves of monsters, and become a master.

Try to unfold magical abilities and thwart the powers of darkness to get unique experiences. It enables the player to switch between different characters at any save point, and gain various types of rewards. The building system is there that assists the player in using multiple items and equipment to upgrade his character.

The Palmira Action System allows the player to improve his physical skills and abilities by combining some specialized crystals with lots of armaments. Evergrace includes vital features, such as Cast Intense Magic, Thunderous Battles, Powerful Artifacts, Takedown Monsters, Unique Experiences, Upgradeable Equipment, Action System, and more.

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